Battlefield V – Trailer, Patch Notes & Freischaltzeit zum Update 6.0

Im Vorfeld des großen Battlefield V-Updates 6.0 am morgigen Dienstag hat DICE die vollständigen Patch Notes bereitgestellt. Mit dem Update werdet ihr unter anderem einen neuen Aspekt des Pazifikkrieges erleben, kämpft auf der neuen Salomonen-Karte, schaltet Elitesoldaten frei und erweitere euer Arsenal.

In der Kurzfassung sind folgende neue Inhalte dabei:

  • Neue Karte: Salomonen, verfügbar bei Eroberung, Breakthrough, Squad Conquest und Team Deathmatch
  • Neue Waffen: Typ 11 LMG, Modell 37, M2-Karabiner (erhältlich über Kapitel-Rang-Belohnungen)
  • Neue Gadgets: Longe Mine, M1A1 Bazooka (erhältlich über Kapitelrang-Belohnungen)


  • Removed the impact of track disable on initial acceleration. This allows for tanks with disabled tracks to escape; however, medium and high speed performance are still heavily impacted.
  • Increased the critical angle from 10 to 20 degrees to better match the visual feedback of having a good angle on an opponent. It was too difficult to tell if you were going to get a critical hit, this increases the margin.
  • Increased the range of the AA and AT HMGs to match the coax.
  • Fixed Panzer 4 AT round only having 4 shells.

Maps and modes

  • Mercury – Players spawning on tanks will no longer unintentionally end up on foot.
  • Operation Underground – Fixed a rare bug that could stop the attacking team from spawning on Breakthrough.
  • Outpost – The player no longer remains stuck if the tower is destroyed while the player plants it.
  • Wake Island – Decreased the number of tanks to improve map balance on Breakthrough.
  • Wake Island – Players will now be able to deploy even if their squad gets wiped during the last sector on Breakthrough, while playing as the US.

Weapons & Gadgets

  • Grease gun – We’ve made some subtle tweaks to the Suppressor audio to better separate it from the experience when firing the weapon unsuppressed. 
  • AP Mine – Fixed an issue that was causing the AP mine to not do damage to infantry in Firestorm.

Weapon Balance

The following changes have been applied to the bolt action rifles muzzle velocity on the Recon class:

  • Ross Rifle: From 600 to 750
  • Type 99: From 600 to 750

We’ll be performing a more substantive pass on our Weapon Balance in our next update for Assault, Medic, and Support. Thank you for all of your feedback on this topic.

UI & Others

  • Spotted enemies are no longer represented as arrows on the minimap and do not show the direction (they’re now back to diamond shapes).
  • An option to modify the strength of snap zoom has been added for players on Console.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the “Vehicle Buster” combat role to not unlock for some players.
  • Fixed a bug that would show the Deploy screen visible on squad screen after leaving pre-round.
  • Fixed the incorrect wording in the Type 2A Mastery IV assignment.

Als kleinen Vorgeschmack gibt es noch einen Trailer, in dem man die Elite Soldatin Misaki Yamashiro vorstellt.