Immortals Fenyx Rising Patch 1.03 / 1.003.000 verfügbar

Ubisoft hat den ersten größeren Patch für Immortals Fenyx Rising veröffentlicht, der ordentlich an der Performance schraubt.

Die Optimierungen erstrecken sich in alle Bereich, darunter beim Gameplay, den Quests, den Aktivitäten, dem Interface, der Grafik und vieles mehr. Alle Details dazu könnt ihr im nachfolgenden Changelog nachlesen:


  • Stability improvements.
  • Performance improvements on all platforms


  • Addressed an issue that prevented progress past the tutorial in certain languages.
  • [Playstation / Xbox] Addressed an issue forcing a relaunch of the game when playing during installation
  • Addressed an issue where Aphrodite would not transform into her godly form
  • Addressed a freeze when performing a fast travel action during the Far Sight tutorial


  • Dungeons live activities are no longer affected by game difficulty
  • Deleted photos in the Photomode will not reappear after reloading the game
  • Statistics in Ubisoft Connect for the Quest Completed and Myth Challenges will not go beyond 100%
  • Resolved an issues where locked chest would not unlock after defeating the enemies
  • Resolved issues preventing the completion of Athena’s Vault


  • Addressed an issue with unlocking the “Wing Nut” trophy and achievement
  • Improved weapon feedback with many world elements
  • Addressed various issues with achievements when playing on New Game Plus mode
  • Addressed an issue with enemy automatons having unlimited lasers
  • Resolved an issue where Fenyx falls through the world when summoning her mount

User Interface

  • Upgrade items are now available at Hermes’s shop
  • HUD feedback is improved for Race activities
  • Player icon visibility has been improved on the map


  • Addressed an issue with the Constellation Challenge Orb in Eros’s Palace being stuck


  • [PS5 / Xbox Serie X] Increased particle trails resolution


  • [PS5] Improved haptic feedback on DualSense controller

Title Update 1.05


  • Fixed an issue with Hermes’s Heroic Tasks Board Live Tasks refresh

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