Battlefield: Hardline – Getaway DLC & Patch 1.07 erschienen

Visceral Games und EA haben den ‚Getaway‘ DLC zu ‚Battlefield: Hardline‘ sowie den Patch 1.07 veröffentlicht, der ab sofort heruntergeladen werden kann.

Der ‚Getaway‘ DLC steht vorerst nur Premium Usern zur Verfügung und folgt in Kürze für alle anderen. Dieser umfasst die neuen Karten Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge und Diversion, sowie wird der neue Spielmodus ‚Capture the Bag‘, vier neue Vehikel, drei neue Waffen für die Mechanic Klasse, ein neues Gadget und eine neue Nahkampfwaffe, sowie neue Legendary Camos hinzugefügt.

Der etwa 3,5 Gigabyte große Patch sieht im Detail wie folgt aus:

Four New Maps

  • Double Cross
  • Train Dodge
  • Diversion
  • Pacific Highway

New Game Mode:  Capture the Bag

New Vehicles

  • Performance Sedan
  • Import Tuner
  • Luxury Coupe
  • Limo

New Weapons for the Mechanics Class:

  • M5 Navy
  • M12S

New Gadget:  RF Jammer

New Melee Weapon:  Fire Axe

Other New Features

  • New Legendary Camos will unlock over time (Legendary only)
  • Exclusive Premium League in the Competitive Match system (Premium owners only)
  • Assignments and Patches for Mechanic class weapons

Base Game Update 

Season One Competitive Matches for console players start with the base game update release. For PC players, it will begin shortly after the release of said update.

Competitive Match

  • Experience a new way to connect with Battlefield Hardline players in 5v5 skill-based matches
  • Compete on a leaderboard and earn (or lose) ranks based on your skill and performance
  • New seasons will regularly become available with a new rotation of maps and modes
  • Standard League is available for all players

New Weapons for All Classes

  • M5SD
  • AWS
  • RO933 M1
  • G17 RACE Pistol
  • 1887
  • 388-RECON
  • UMP-9
  • M39 EMR
  • SAR21


  • Fixed a bug whereby a clicking sound would be heard by all players if one player equipped the Night Goggles gadget
  • Added Custom RSP Server Banner support


  • Fixed bug whereby player animation may break when using the Gator Gun
  • Fixed bug whereby some vehicles could not be moved with melee attacks
  • Fixed issues with the SCAR-H assignment and patch unlocking properly


  • Melee weapons changed to have a more consistent sphere of damage.
  • Ballistic shield changed to a 2 hit kill
  • Increased accuracy while moving bonus for Bullpups
  • Fixed bug with laser sight toggle not properly affecting crosshair


  • Fixed bug whereby gadgets may get duplicated after becoming Legendary
  • Fixed bug whereby Night Vision Goggles could not be turned off with the Ballistic Shield equipped