Dead by Daylight – Mid-Season Update 4.5.0 erschienen

Bohemia Interactive hat das Mid-Season Update 4.5.0 für Dead by Daylight veröffentlicht, mit dem zahlreiche Optimierungen einhergehen.

Im Fokus stehen dabei diesmal zahlreiche Optimierungen im HUD, einschließlich der Re-Designs für Spielernamen und Gesundheit, sowie eine aufgeräumtere Oberfläche für Killer, Survivor & Co. Darüber hinaus gibt es ein weiters Visual-Update für die Karten Gideon Meat Plant und Asylum, diverse Outfits wurden überarbeitet, ebenso Animationen und Texturen. Weiterhin erinnern man an den Start des Tome VI & The Gilded Stampede Event, die ab heute verfügbar sind.

Die vollständigen Änderungen gibt es in den offiziellen Foren nachzulesen.

Mid-Season Highlights

Tome VI & The Gilded Stampede Event 

  • Tome VI for The Archives will start tomorrow on Feb. 10th at 11AM ET
  • The Gilded Stampede event will start the day after on Feb. 11th at 11AM ET 

New HUD Layout – Several HUD elements have been moved or updated

  • The player status widget (player names, health states etc.) has been redesigned. Along with a number of graphical improvements to animations, the player status widget is now positioned on the left side of the screen. While this change was not made lightly, it was necessary in order to make the player names readable across all platforms and resolutions as well as make room for new HUD elements like the Hook Count.
  • The objectives have been moved to the top center of the screen to give us more room to display detailed instructions.
  • Score events and status effect alerts have been moved to the right side of the screen. This was primarily to bring the status effect alerts closer to the status effect indicators they reference.
  • The number of visible score events has been increased when multiple events are triggered at the same time. 
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New HUD Element – Hook Counts

  • Killers see a new widget which displays how many hooks they’ve earned during the match out of the possible total hooks. This is only visible to the Killer.
  • Survivors see a new set of markers above each of the Survivor player’s names. This lets the Survivor players know how many times each Survivor has been hooked. This is only visible to the Survivors.

New HUD Element – Survivor Portraits

  • The healthy and injured health state icons have been replaced with each character’s portrait.
  • The Injured state has been improved from the PTB to be more obvious, especially for colorblind players.

UI Scale Sliders

  • The Settings menu has been updated with two new slider settings that allow players to adjust the size of their UI. Players may adjust the size of the menus and HUD separately. This replaces the previous maximum scale value used in previous releases. 

Visual Update:

  • Visual updates to maps in Gideon Meat Plant and Asylum.
  • Updated model and textures on 4 Nurse outfits.
  • Update model, texture on the Clown base outfit and updated his VFX.

 Updated Survivor Locomotion


  • Updated the posing for all Survivor locomotion animations.
  • Added Start/Stop transition animations and quick turn animations.
  • Added ability to use Flashlight while crouching.
  • Updated crawling turn speed and added animation feedback for recovering.

New from PTB:

  • Added new animation when entering the hatch while crawling.
  • Updated Self-Heal fail animation.
  • Slightly raised the camera when crawling.