Killing Floor 2: Back And Kicking Brass Event gestartet

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Passend zu den aktuellen und warmen Temperaturen, wurde das ‚Back And Kicking Brass‘ Event in ‚Killing Floor 2‘ gestartet, das mit einem aktuellen Update zum Spiel einher geht.

Zum Event heißt es hier:

„Komm zur Einführung unseres neuesten Spielmodus, Objective! Helfen sie Dr. Ogada Buyu und Lockheart, spannende Aufgaben für jede Menge Dosh zu erledigen, während sie die neuesten Modetrends in Steampunk-Kleidung tragen! Verwenden sie das Seal Squeal, um Harpunen abzufeuern und Zed-Leichen an Wänden festzunageln, damit sie wie Pinatas aus Fleischsäcken hängen! Oder schlagen sie den Sinn … ähm … heilt mit unserem Hemoclobber in ihre Verbündeten ein! Diese fantastischen Erfindungen und mehr erwarten euch auf dem Killing Floor! Tally-ho und los geht’s!“

Alle Details zum aktuellen Update gibt es weiter unten im Changelog.


New Additions and Highlights

  • 1 New Game Mode
    • Objective
      • Every wave has a mandatory objective and these objectives must be accomplished to proceed to the next wave.
      • An objective map has a predetermined number of waves. There is no short, medium, or long game length for these.
      • It has story elements! There are unique user interface elements, characters, environment objects, special effects, cinematics, and voice overs to convey a narrative experience alongside the Zed carnage.
  • 1 New Map
    • Steam Fortress
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, Endless, and Objective Game Modes.
      • Fend off hordes of Zeds inside Lockheart’s very own metal fortress of steam!
  • 3 Objective Maps
    • Steam Fortress
      • Mercenaries prepare a rocket to assist Lockheart in his magnificent journey to reach beyond the skies!
    • Zed Landing
      • Mercenaries work with Dr. Ogada Buyu to uncover the events of the Horzine plane crash and locate important information for her before Horzine gets their hands on it!
    • Outpost
      • Mercenaries assist Dr. Ogada Buyu in retrieving server data from the abandoned Horzine base before destroying all traces of it to eliminate the Zed threat.
  • New Objective types
    • Transport
      • Players are required to pick up an item and deliver it to a predetermined location on the map. The objective is complete once the required amount of items are delivered.
      • Players carrying the item will receive a movement speed reduction of 53% to walk and 60% to run speed. This movement speed reduction does not apply to solo players or the last player alive.
    • Exterminate
      • Players are required to kill Zeds until the Zed counter reaches 0. These waves can have special makeups to differ them from the Survival game mode wave variants.
      • Boss variant of Exterminate requires the players to kill the boss. This is the same as the boss wave from the Survival game mode.
  • 2 New Weapons
  • Seal Squeal for the Demolitionist.
    • An explosive semi-automatic harpoon launcher that fires harpoons timed for explosion after 4 seconds. Alt-fire manually triggers detonation of all set harpoons. If the harpoon impact kills the Zed, it will pin their corpse to any solid environment surface that the harpoon lands on.
    • Trader price is 1100 Dosh.
        • Hemoclobber for the Berserker and Field Medic.
          • A long, needle-laced bat that deals bludgeon and toxic damage to Zeds and heals players on impact. If a heavy attack has ammunition loaded into the magazine, impact against a player or Zed causes an explosion of blue gas that heals all players and damages all Zeds within its radius.
          • Trader price is 1200 Dosh.
      • Prestige System
        • Prestige rank 5 is now available
        • New rank 5 prestige weapon skins
          • Berserker – Eviscerator
          • Commando – SCAR-H Assault Rifle
          • Support – AA-12 Auto Shotgun
          • Field Medic – HMTech-401 Assault Rifle
          • Demolitionist – RPG-7
          • Firebug – Microwave Gun
          • Gunslinger – .500 Magnum Revolver
          • Sharpshooter – Rail Gun
          • SWAT – Kriss SMG
          • Survivalist – Killerwatt
      • Dosh Vault
        • Added additional tier 4 weapon skins
      • New Steam Achievements
        • Steam Fortress Objective game mode completion and its collectibles
        • Zed Landing Objective game mode completion
        • Outpost Objective game mode completion
      • Time-limited Summer Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics
        • Summer seasonal objectives to earn last year’s Steampunk Outfit cosmetic and the new M99 AMR Steampunk Precious weapon skin
        • Summer event tickets
        • Summer cosmetics
      • Zedconomy
        • Added Dragon & Koi Tier 1 Skin Pack
        • Added Dragon & Koi Tier 2 Skin Pack
        • Added Clot Backpack Bundle
        • Added Horzine Supply Crate | Project H Series #1
        • Added Steampunk Encrypted USB
        • Added Bronze, Silver, and Gold Bundle Packs for :
          • Horzine Supply Crate | Project H Series #1
          • Steampunk USB Bundle Pack
          • DAR Crate Bundle Pack

      This update contains new content, adjustments, and bug fixes from the Beta feedback. We appreciate your feedback and thank you very much for it!


      • User Interface Improvements :
        • Added an objective tracker for any wave with an active objective that is optional or mandatory. This tracker relays information and conditions about the objective.
        • Updated player health bars to improve visibility and distinction. We also added an option in the Gameplay options to revert back to the old version.
        • Updated coloration of some objective elements to purple to improve their distinction.
        • Replaced objective iconography with exclamations to denote points of interest.
        • Added a drop shadow to player names and icons to improve legibility
      • Added new in-game musical compositions by Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen :
        • “Menace”
        • “Infectious”
      • Added new main menu music titled “Copper Cutter” by Rocky Gray.

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