Killzone 3 – Patch 1.11 online inkl. Changelog

Guerilla Games hat den Patch 1.11 für ihren Shooter Killzone 3 veröffentlicht, der ab sofort zum Download zur Verfügung steht.

Anbei der offizielle Changelog:

  • Freezing after respawn will be fixed in 1.11
  • Voice chat for Squads now works properly. If checked, you can only hear and talk to players within you own squad
  • Co-Op Campaign – Pyhrrus Evac – Ground Zero – Fixed a Hang at the start of a cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Games – Body Count – When target was set to 300, only ’50‘ kills were required to end the round. The range has now been changed from „50“ „75“ „100“ „200“ „300“ to „50“ „75“ „100“ „150“ „200“ and „250“.
  • MAWLR Graveyard – Operations – During the second objective, the user could access areas of the map that should only be accessible once the objective is completed. This has been fixed.
  • Bilgarsk Boulevard: Fixed a collision issue at the HGH base
  • Stahl Arms – Graphics glitch with the two large pipes hanging in mid-air in the centre of the map.