Battlefield 2042 in den Early Access gestartet, bekannte Probleme

Seit gut einer Stunde lässt sich Battlefield 2042 im Early Access spielen, bevor der offizielle Release in der nächsten Woche erfolgt.

Im Fall von Battlefield 2042 scheint man etwas besorgt über den Zustand des Spiels zu sein, wie man dem Feedback der Beta entnehmen konnte. Daher listet Entwickler DICE jetzt eine umfangreiche Liste mit Problemen auf, die bereits bekannt sind und an denen gearbeitet wird. Diese werden definitiv noch in der Launch Build enthalten sein und nach und nach gefixt.

Hierzu kommentiert DICE:

„Die in diesem Artikel aufgeführten Details können sich ändern, wenn wir das Feedback der Community hören und unseren Live-Service und unsere Inhalte weiterentwickeln und verbessern. Wir werden uns stets bemühen, unsere Community so gut wie möglich zu informieren.“

Die Liste erscheint ziemlich lang und sollte eigentlich Anlass sein, ein Spiel nicht in diesem Zustand zu veröffentlichen. Es wird sich zeigen, wie sehr die allgemeine Qualität darunter leidet, sobald die breite Masse an Spielern in der nächsten Woche loslegt.

Zumindest räumt man der nachfolgenden Liste eine hohe Priorität ein, die jedoch nicht alle Fehler im Spiel umfasst.

Battlefield 2042 bekannte Fehler zum Release



● All Platforms – We have identified some server instances of rubberbanding when the
big silos on Breakaway are destroyed*
● All Platforms – On the mode Breakthrough, players will be unable to spawn on B1 while
it is contested*


● All Platforms – Bridge destruction states have a tendency to desync if the player joins at
a late stage in the round*
● All Platforms – On the mode, Breakthrough, players will be unable to spawn on B1 while
it is contested*


● PC, Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 – There are some rare instances of visual
flickering while playing on Discarded*


● PlayStation 5 – Within the Weather Station on Manifest, while the building is in a
destroyed state there are rare instances that can cause severe flickering of our lighting
systems, which has the potential to trigger those with Photosensitive Conditions*


● All Platforms – We are aware of some miscellaneous issues causing players to become
stuck within world geometry*
○ Several of these are being fixed for a patch after launch, please continue to
report any scenario where you get stuck in the maps!



● All Platforms – In some situations, Bots are unable to revive downed players*


● All Platforms – We’re aware of Ranger malfunctioning when ordered over some
obstacles, and we are working to improve this.
● All Platforms – Ranger can become non-responsive to “Go To” orders if the player is far
away from Ranger, and we are similarly working to improve this.


● All Platforms – The Lock-on sound effect for helicopters can continue after the
Helicopter has been destroyed*

User Interface & Messaging:

● All Platforms – There is currently no error message to indicate to the player that the
game is still installing*

● All Platforms – Subtitles are not present on video tutorials even if the subtitle setting is

● Battlefield Portal – Loadouts have a slight tendency to not save when entering or
leaving a match*

● Battlefield Hazard Zone – When starting a second round, unlocks from the previous
round are triggered during the intro sequence*

● All Platforms – When returning back to the main menu after a match, Specialist’s
textures may be slow to load*

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● All Platforms – The “Vertical Sync” option does not have any effect when activated while
using a 144hz monitor*

● All Platforms – “View Profile” option is not present in “Search EA ID” between
same-platform Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 players*

● All Platforms – We’re aware of a unique situation where accounts that have access to
Battlefield 2042 across multiple platforms may cause Cross Play Friends to not appear*

● All Platforms – The attackers playercard doesn’t load after getting killed by another

● All Platforms – Sprint/Boost hint text is currently misleading*

Progression & Unlocks:

● All Platforms – The rank displayed in the bottom right of the Main Menu does not always
update with the player’s actual rank achieved after an Online session.
○ We’re working to resolve this issue and will follow up with further updates at a
later time.

● All Platforms – Weapon Skins are unlocked but will show an incomplete progress bar
until the game has been restarted*
○ Restarting the game will fix this for you, however a fix has been made for an
upcoming update.

● All Platforms – All Locked Character / Weapon / Vehicle skins are missing their Mastery
Rank target*

● All Platforms – The “Fly Not Ye Cowards” Playercard Art unlock objective is currently
incorrect, you will need to visit two locations on El Alamein, in the same life, to unlock

● All Platforms – EMP Mine is currently incorrectly labelled. We will be renaming this to
EMP Grenades at a later date.

● All Platforms – Some skins are applying over weapon charms.
○ We’re working to fix this as soon as possible.
● All Platforms – The Mastery bar won’t show for hardware items until T5 is unlocked*

● PlayStation 5 – The Med-Pen Mastery Badge is not currently tracking progress after
Rank 25*

● PlayStation 5 – Captain Caspian Playercard Background is not unlocked after
completing its criteria*

Weapons & Gadgets:

Recon Drone

● All Platforms – Players are currently unable to deploy the OV-P Recon Drone while
● PC – The OV-P Recon Drone is not currently locking onto enemy targets or vehicles*

XDR Holo Sight
● All Platforms – We’re aware of some instances of flickering when ADS with the XDR
Holo Sight*


● All Platforms – On rare occasions, vertical aiming in a vehicle can be inoperable upon
vehicle entry*

● All Platforms – Some vehicles may not have controller vibration when used*

● All Platforms – We’re aware of some vehicles not having RTAO (Ray-traced Ambient

MD540 Nightbird
● All Platforms – Rockets from the MD540 Nightbird that impact the ground can
sometimes appear as being frozen*

● All Platforms – Parachutes sometimes remain open, even after the player has landed.
○ This will be improved upon in an upcoming update.

Hazard Zone:

● PC – We’re aware of players experiencing an issue with mouse input when it comes to
selecting a Specialist within Hazard Zone

○ While we are working to resolve this in an upcoming patch, players can bypass
this by selecting their chosen Specialist with the spacebar.

● All Platforms – Players are currently unable to revive downed teammates if they are
inside the MV38-Condor (at Extraction Point)*

● All Platforms – We’re aware of some rare instances of the Extraction Streak not
updating after multiple extractions have taken place*

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