Dangerous Driving – Vorschau auf kommende Updates

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Three Fields Entertainment gibt heute eine kleine Vorschau auf die kommenden Updates in ‚Dangerous Driving‘, mit dem nicht nur diverse Verbesserungen umgesetzt werden auch neue Features finden so den Weg ins Spiel.

Unter anderem werden damit die Online-Ranglisten eingeführt, neue Spielmodi wie Online Road Rage, sowie steht auch die allgemeine Performance im Mittelpunkt. Alle Details dazu könnt ihr nachfolgend einsehen:

Third Party, Fire and Theft (Update #2)

As we’ve released our first set of fixes we didn’t want to delay online racing any longer. So Third Party, Fire and Theft will bring 6 player online racing and we estimate this will be live on May 24th.

Also includes:

  • Online Ranking system Version 1
  • Additional fixes:
    • Add the ability to raise the camera on the right stick
    • Save player’s last paint choice per car
    • Increase the amount of Boost earnt from Air
    • Add HUD scaling on PC to fix issues reported with running the game at different resolutions.
    • Fix Xbox One Leaderboards ‚Top‘ filter never loading on the Results screen unless the player is at the top already

Fully Comp (Update #3)

“Fully Comp” includes more Priority Fixes and we anticipate that it will be live on May 31st.

This update will reduce the likelihood of the player car experiencing bad collisions such as intersecting the road, being launched into the air, spawned facing the wrong way after a collision and being spun around by /getting stuck in barriers.

Also included:

  • Fix an issue at the U turn on the Hypercar Class Shakedown event where players can crash and respawn and immediately crash again (and again, and again) making the event unplayable without a restart
  • Add ability to go backwards though paint choices in car select
  • Save Sensitivity options – currently resets each time you relaunch the game
  • Fix for Pursuit vehicles taking each other down which appears to be causing a number of problems in the Pursuit events including causing the event to end early.
  • Other fixes TBC

Voluntary Excess (Update #4)

This update adds more online features and includes an engine upgrade to improve Performance.

  • Online Racing Version 2
  • Online Road Rage
  • Priority Fixes
    • Flip the real world road signs per track so they always point the right way for the player
    • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.22 which we believe will load times, reduce stutter in the Point to Point tunnels and improve overall rendering performance.
    • Other fixes TBC. See the Known Issues list for what we are currently investigating.

We will keep you updated over the coming months and as these go live we will provide more updates on what else we will be updating.

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