Outriders ab heute mit Crossplay-Feature (Update)

Für Outriders erscheint im Laufe des Tages ein neues Update, mit dem das Cross-Play Feature auf ersten Plattformen ermöglicht wird.

Wie Entwickler People Can Fly via Twitter ankündigt, können zunächst PlayStation 4 Spieler mit PC-Spielern zusammenspielen. Weitere Plattformen wie PS5 und Xbox folgen zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt, voraussichtlich aber noch an diesem Wochenende.

Update: Das Crossplay ist ab sofort auch auf PS5 und Xbox Series X verfügbar.

Darüber hinaus werden mit dem Update diverse Korrekturen vorgenommen, die das Gesamterlebnis weiter verbessern. Details dazu gibt es im nachfolgenden Changelog:

PC & Console Platforms:

  • Once platforms have been updated to the same patch version, cross-play across platforms will become viable again
    • EDIT: 09.04.21 – 19:05 UTC
      • With the release of this patch, Crossplay between PlayStation and PC is now possible.
      • Crossplay between Xbox and PC/PlayStation has been temporarily disabled until the Xbox patch has released.
      • Crossplay between consoles and PC will be fully restored once the Xbox patch has gone live.
  • Overall stability improvements for the matchmaking service
  • Crash Fixes
    • Will Fix a multiplayer crash that could result in client players having their inventory wiped
    • Will fix the crash when completing the „A Bad Day“ side quest.
    • Will fix the crash that occurs in No Man’s Land when your language is set to Spanish (Yes, we know. Video game code is a magical thing).
    • Will fix crash on launch issues
    • Will include many more „random“ crash fixes
      • We are confident that these fixes will address the majority of crashes reported, as there are only a handful of root causes but the crashes they generate appear in a number of places.
  • Will fix the HUD disappearing in certain cases
  • Will fix bugs that interfere with players re-spawning in multiplayer Expeditions
  • Will fix bugs with players getting stuck on geometry (including when using Gravity Leap) or falling out of the world.
  • Will change the default matchmaking setting from „Open“ to „Closed“.
    • You will still be able to manually change this setting to „Open“ through your game settings
    • This change will prevent players from joining games where the host didn’t intend to play in multiplayer. It will also cut down on AFK lobbies
    • This will also help improve matchmaking times, as the queues will be less likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of constant matchmaking requests generated by „open“ games.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements
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